Chris and I are both life long residents of WA state in the South Puget Sound area. We met and married at our church, Champions Centre within 9 total months in 1995. Chris had already been a member, building a ministry for kids who didn’t have a dad at home when I found my way to the church and jumped into serving in the youth ministry. Since then, we raised three children together and our nephew who is 14. We remain deeply rooted in our church and have served in ministry in nearly every area in the last 27 years. We have been entrepreneurs since we walked down the aisle.

Welcome and thank you for taking a moment to visit our site and allowing us time to introduce ourselves.

We are so grateful to have our family business become what it is today. Years of dreaming and reinventing and redirecting until we’ve landed in our sincere passion to help people change the way they live. We deeply believe that renovation and restoration of homes not only changes the physical structure of a home but changes the way people live.

Through the years since then, Chris successfully imagined and built business for our family, and we both always hoped that at some point when our kids had grown and I finished home educating them that we would be able to create a business that we could build together. Gordon T. Jacob has become exactly that. Helping families create their dream home and lifestyle is incredible. The “before and afters” symbolize more than structure, they literally change the way people live. We are so grateful to be a part of that. Thank you for considering us in your plans to change the way you live. We hope we can help you make your dreams a reality.


We value relationships. Whether its our clients, employees or sub-contractors we strive to achieve win/win. Our approach is to seek first to understand. To assume the best in people. And to always show people honor and respect


Our mission is to exceed our clients expectations in character, integrity and service. Our vision is to help our clients change the way they live. It’s our passion to work with our clients to discover the possibilities in their home.

Our Heart + Vision


Owner & Lead Designer

Mitzi Dunayski


Chris Dunayski


Christopher Dunayski

Social Media Director

Gabi Dunayski

Director of Multifamily Development

Gavin Dunayski


Kurt Stiefer

Office Admin & Bookkeeper

Ellie Reed

Website & Leads Management

McKenna Dunayski