What We Provide

Our team is ready to help you achieve your dreams

When we first meet our clients, our focus is on what we call discovery. We have found that every client has both external and internal motivators.

The external is the What – I want to update my kitchen.

The internal is the Why – I want to have sit down meals with my kids and spend more quality time.

There is always great emotion tied to the internal motivators. If we take the time to uncover it, we can help our clients change the way they live!

Here are a few examples of what we’re referring to.


We worked with a young couple who got married and bought a home that needed updating. Their real internal motivator was that they grew up traveling from house to house during the holidays and they wanted to host all of their family at ONE house. We wanted to help them change the way they live, so we developed a scope of work and budget for their renovation that accommodated this desire. Our focus during their entire renovation was having their whole family coming together in their home for the holidays.


A mom and dad both commuted to Seattle for work. Many days their commute took up to 3 hours. They came to us and wanted to make space in their home more efficient and updated. We discovered their real internal motivator was that they feel like they are missing out on too much time with their kids who are growing up fast. We decided to frame in a new office with windows to an open living space so they can be home and engaged with their kids while still being able to work.


Our clients bought a large estate and wanted it to be a destination for their family to visit. The house was dated and the floor plan was poorly laid out. We discovered their real internal motivator was they wanted to see family more. We redesigned their main house to accommodate large gatherings and developed a plan to build 5 separate guest houses on their property so that each family unit that came to their property could have their own space. They truly were able to change the way they lived and were able to do so in a beautiful way.

Our team is ready to help you achieve your dreams and help you discover what is most important for your family when renovating your home. We’re passionate about bringing families together and are experts in restoring homes.