• September 12, 2019

Back to Balance: Our Motto for September

Back to Balance: Our Motto for September

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You’ve finished the school shopping.

You’ve got the kids to their first day of the new semester.

You’ve dragged all the sweaters and boots out of the closet. 

There’s just one thing left to do: regain some balance.

Summer’s always a wild ride. It’s a crazy time for business, of course, but it’s also that special season in the Pacific Northwest where everyone is trying DO EVERYTHING before the rain returns. Barbecue with friends. Squeeze in a family vacation. Eat healthy and exercise. Garden. Finish up that project you’ve been putting off.

But the thing is, we simply can’t do everything. 

If we kept up that summer pace year-round, we would burn ourselves out. Luckily, September always arrives just in time to teach us the art of balance. These misty mornings, the chill in the air, the color of the leaves – this season of change is an invitation to settle into a new routine. 

As we move into autumn, Chris and I will be sharing more about balance: how to find it, and how to maintain it in the midst of change. 

Keep an eye on our emails and social media through the month, as we’ll be talking about our September theme with each other, our friends, and local business owners.

Let’s all work toward getting back to balance!


-Chris & Mitzi