Chris + Mitzi's Home Renovation

Every home has a unique footprint, not only upon the land it sits, but in the hearts of those who fill its walls. Our home has imprinted deep family connections and memories that will last a lifetime. Our home has brought together our family for 19 years. Our lives have been woven throughout each room. The memories we’ve created here have kept me grounded and determined to stay rather than move.

Last summer we decided we had enough equity in our home to justify the remodel and believed that we could get a return on investment by doing it. We drew out our ideas to extend the kitchen cabinets, created a wider peninsula that had seating on the end as well as the back to create more of a kitchen table feel so we could sit around it and see one another’s faces while we ate a meal or played a game.

As with any remodel, you have to decide where to end. We knew we were going to renovate the kitchen and needed to create a continuous flow in the areas surrounding while staying within our budget. We decided to switch to a continuous wood floor throughout the main floor. Aesthetically, the floors we chose are gorgeous, and they allow a flow with no boundaries of space.

We also had planned to only update our downstairs bathroom tile on the floor. We took out the tub and replaced it with a shower pan insert and glass wall and door so that if we have guests over who could not step over the tub, we would have a ground floor shower only. We chose a beautiful pattern tile for the floor as well as the new shower and kept our existing toilet and sink to keep costs within budget.

After all the crazy, living without a kitchen, downstairs bathroom or laundry room for 7 weeks, we have our incredible new, yet beloved same home. The changes have not only been for looks, but we both enjoy coming home even more. Chris used to work from a local coffee shop, he’s coming home and working at our beautiful kitchen counter/table. We’re now able to gather and play games around the same place with our grown kids.

Thank you to our team for working well and helping us create this beautiful new footprint in our home.