Mother-In-Law Cottage

Mother-In-Law Cottage

When we met Cathie on the property, we walked through a large detached garage that she had the vision to turn into a Mother in Law cottage. She wanted to be close to her daughter and grandkids. She talked about seeing grandkids before school and having them over for pancakes on Saturday mornings. She expressed the hope of traveling more and how living on the property would reduce her monthly expenses. We were incredibly excited to partner with her to make this dream a reality.

Most of the space was open with three walled off areas. As we walked the space, we were able to envision a way to open a space in the entry that would become her kitchen. This space was carefully designed to have a peninsula that was perfect for grandkids and open to living space.

And we had another area that had a toilet and single sink that we needed to enlarge so it could become a full bathroom. We had to create space in back so a full bathtub would fit. In the end, the space, while small was a perfect little spa like place for Cathie.

Finally, there was a space in the back that we opened up to become her office. It had two windows in that area so the space was nice and bright. We added a laundry closet behind it that backed up against the back of shower.

When finished she had a modern cottage with a beautiful kitchen and bathroom that she could call home.

She looks forward to spending more time with family simply because of proximity. As well as spending more time in winters in warmer climates!



Client Testimony:

“Gordon T. Jacob made me feel like a member of the team from the start of my renovation project. They listened to my ideas and saw my vision, kept me informed and in the end brought my vision to reality. I would recommend Chris and his team for any of your remodeling needs.”