• June 7, 2018

Off The Rack vs Tailor-Made

Off The Rack vs Tailor-Made

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Have you ever wondered why it seems that every new construction or flip house seems to have the same appliances, cabinets, tile and colors?

Well, it’s because the builder or investor is speculating. Meaning, they are fully aware of the Pinterest and Instagram photos that consumers are desiring. Since they don’t know who the client is that will be buying their home, they chose finishes that are popular and would appeal to the majority of potential buyers. Their goal is to sell the home as fast as possible for the most money possible.

For that reason, renovating your own home can be incredibly appealing and valuable. When you work with the right renovation company, you get the opportunity to walk through the process and help design your kitchen, bathroom, floor-plan and select the finishes and colors that you prefer. You get the opportunity to personalize the place where so many memories are formed.

I liken this difference to mens suits. I remember, when I first started in business back in the 90’s, I went out and bought my first couple of suits. I really enjoy fashion, so I shopped at nice places to buy my suits. My first couple were bought from Marios in Seattle and at Nordstrom. They were both high quality and fairly expensive. They had modern style with updated fabric patterns and the fit was good. But the patterns and the fit were designed for the majority of buyers and not just me.

It wasn’t until years later that I was introduced to the idea of a custom suit. The suit term is made to measure. Or Bespoke. The price for this custom suit is slightly more but the benefits are huge! Instead of buying a suit with a certain fabric that the suit designer made to appeal to the mass market, I got to pick a fabric that I liked. Also, instead of choosing a suit off the rack, they custom fit the suit to my body so the fit was exceptional. I’ve had a couple suits designed for me and every time I put it on, I’m reminded to the time I chose the fabrics and the process of getting measured so the fit was perfect. You take a lot of pride in your home, or in this case suits, when you pick the materials that best fit your style.

My wife and I are just about to go through the process of redesigning our kitchen, bathroom and family room. We have lived in our home for nearly 20 years and its been over 15 years since we have updated much.

We plan to change the flooring, wall color, cabinets, appliances, counters and tile in our kitchen, entry, bathroom and family room. We are so excited to personalize our home to the finishes that fit our budget and style. We have made so many memories in these areas of our home and we couldn’t be more excited to create more memories with the updated space. We will post before and afters of our kitchen on social media as we go through the process.

If you have comments or questions, we would love to hear from you. Make it a great day!

Chris Dunayski