Proctor District Renovation

Proctor District Renovation

This proctor district home boasted an A+ on location but was in desperate need of a remodel. Not only had the house become obsolete in many ways, it was dated throughout. It was pretty boxy on the main floor and upstairs it had 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms that were all small.

We started off the project by painting the exterior, changing windows and adding a new front door. When you entered the house, we opened up the entry to the living space. We added continuous flooring from the entry all through the living, dining, kitchen, nook and the den. We changed the kitchen layout and added storage and pantry with modern glass door. We changed location and the layout of the bathroom and bedroom and made that space into an office/den with full bathroom instead of just a pantry.

Upstairs, we combined two bedrooms and one bathroom and turned into a master suite adding closets, a two sink vanity, installed large windows to improve the view of the waterfront. We kept our clients in mind when we decide to combine those rooms together. We knew we had to create a master suite. So we created a spa like bathroom overlooking the water and with privacy from the kids was exactly what this home needed. We still left 3 bedrooms upstairs for the rest of the family. A laundry room was also added upstairs for convenience.