• October 1, 2018

Project #10: Window Replacement Of Our Top 10 Renovation Projects For Return On Investment

Project #10: Window Replacement Of Our Top 10 Renovation Projects For Return On Investment

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Replacing your windows is a good idea whether you are planning on moving or staying in your home. Either way, new windows will give you a great return on the investment you make.

Depending on what region of the country you live in will determine your Return On Investment, but the National Association of Realtors  say that window replacement projects can return homeowners more than 78% of the project costs upon resale. There are a couple reasons why this is the case, first energy efficiency is highly attractive to potential home buyers. Second, new windows create curb appeal. And lastly, newer windows can improve the security of your home and that is definitely attractive in the sale of your home. All of these reasons not only improve the chances you will have a higher return on your sale but will also improve the quality of your home while you live in it.

With regard to energy efficiency, energy.gov states that windows affect between 25-30% of both heating and cooling residential energy use. There are an endless variety of new energy efficient windows to choose from that can save you money on your energy bill every month. Newer windows will eliminate small and large heat leaks. Improved materials, seals and caulking are all contributing factors to this. If your home has outdated windows, they are probably costing you money every month.

And as we’ve written about the importance and benefits of curb appeal, new windows add so much to curb appeal! Which in return will help with your ROI. Old windows often have issues with condensation which can cause mold in the corners and edges. Vintage windows, while they can have a unique appearance sometimes have glass that is not crisp and clean any longer. The glass can get foggy or rippled which affects the brightness and attraction of your home.

Another aspect of curb appeal is creating a look that is sought after in this market. Whatever your style, there are beautiful options for updating your windows. Windows add to a “look” you are trying to achieve. Contemporary home design often beckons black on black windows. Modern farmhouse design looks for a mix of black and white to make a more subtle statement. The shape of windows can date a home and it may be beneficial to replace oddly shaped or out of date windows that distract from the look of your home from the exterior. Right now, most people desire rectangular window shapes. Deciding if and how you will wrap your windows will impact curb appeal, both to you while you live there as well as buyers if/when you sell. The current trends are simple and minimalistic.

Lastly, improving the security of your home is definitely important to potential buyers. Older windows can sometimes be sealed closed by paint and prevent an exit in case of emergency. On the other hand, older windows can often be easily broken into from the outside so getting updated windows with better locking systems will increase the safety as well. Being sure that your windows offer appropriate exits from indoors and proper locks to prevent break in will help you and future buyers rest easier.

You can’t go wrong with replacing your old windows. It’s an investment that you will be happy with if you move out a day after you get new windows or stay in your home for years to come!