A Family Space

A Family Space

When we walked into Kristina and Andy’s home for the first time, we quickly saw the potential. Their home is a craftsman, built in 1910 and remodeled sometime in the 70’s. The walls in the dining room were covered in wallpaper with black and white faces, and the kitchen was enclosed and brightly colored in sunflower yellow and orange. Their front door opened into the living room which was lacking in light with a wall along the right hand side without any windows that framed off a bedroom. When you walked toward the backside of the house there was a small hallway which led to the only, single bathroom in the house and a tiny switchback stairwell which led up to a semi finished attic that was primarily used as storage but had great potential. 

Kristina and Andy wanted to “change the way they lived”. We began the process of discovering why they wanted change and how we could accomplish this. We imagined the possibilities of opening up the kitchen. We dreamed a little further and realized we could switch the stairwell completely to the front of the home with a wider entrance that would allow furniture to be brought upstairs. We discussed ideas about how to create a second bathroom and frame in two bedrooms in the attic for their kids. We even planned out moving the front door to a different location. 

When we discussed budget, we got creative on how to get as much as we could get done and stay within it. Permitting took a little longer than expected but it didn’t stop Kristina and Andy’s determination to see this home renovation through. 

Once permitting was complete, we were able to bring all the dreaming together to create a beautiful home. When demo was finished we realized the ceilings could be lifted to create an even more spacious feel. The walls were removed between the kitchen and living room and we expanded the kitchen. The long, GREEN shag carpet in the living space and vinyl in the former kitchen were replaced with a continuous luxury vinyl plank also created a large, open space. The orange and yellow cabinets were replaced with bright, white cabinets. We were able to create a hallway and a second bathroom where the old stairwell used to be. The upstairs was completely finished with two individual bedrooms for their children with a landing loft all accessed by a newly configured stairwell.

As with most 100+ year old homes, there were some unknowns and unexpected repairs needed to pass inspections. Once we adjusted window heights, insulated under the floors, and repaired a roofline that was not to code, their home was finished and they were able to move back in. We were able to accomplish all of their main goals of the remodel that ultimately change the way their family lives in the home. When they walk in, it is completely new and they love it.

Kristina and Andy were a joy to work with. The transformation of their home is one of our favorites.

In the end, our clients were extremely happy they were able to stay in their current home that is now renovated!

Client Testimony
To Chris, Mitzi and the entire Gordon T. Jacob team:

“After meeting with Chris and Mitzi it was clear that they were the best choice for our remodel. What we appreciated most was that they listened to our ideas and took time to explore options that still allowed us to stay within our budget. The project was well-managed, on-budget, and on schedule. They made our vision come true and transformed our house into a home that we are truly proud of. We are pleased with the end result and blessed to have worked with Gordon T Jacob and highly recommend them.

Kristina and Andy”