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Lucid Living

When we were contacted about this remodel, we knew we wanted to be a part of it. Greg Jones, the founder of Lucid Living, had a vision to create the first peer respite home in Washington State, “Safety Net”.  He had already procured a property to build a center where people in mental health crisis could come for a transitional stay and receive peer counseling and resources to pursue health. It would be a voluntary and short term home-like setting where individuals in mental distress can avoid more intensive interventions and services. 

Lucid Living had funding from the state to take a classic rambler home with a two car garage in east Tacoma and transform it into a place of recovery in the community. The home was in terrible shape and would require an architect and design/build team, which we are! A partnership formed and the outcome is outstanding. 

We took the home completely down to the studs. We replaced all electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and designed a brand new floor plan converting the garage into living space. The original 2,400 sq ft plus garage converted into 2,800 sq ft living space with 5 bedrooms and three full ADA compliant bathrooms. The entire building was built with safety in mind along with a peaceful, home style feel. It includes a fire sprinkler system and air conditioning as well. 

One really extraordinary part of this construction was we designed an outdoor extension of the house with a corrugated plastic sunroof and plastic screens around the outside parameter to ward off WA weather conditions. This space is created to connect the short term guests to nature and offer an area for exercise.

One of our favorite, unique parts of this respite center is what Greg named “Pray Phone”….. Where he took an older pay phone and recorded prayers that can be accessed through lifting the phone receiver and selecting a focus of prayer and the listener is led through a prayer by someone in the community for their individual circumstances. Focus of prayer ranges from loneliness to suicidal thoughts. I was able to participate in this and try it out at the ribbon cutting ceremony, when I lifted the receiver to hear a prayer, it brought tears to imagine the hope this one tool might offer those struggling.This is such a beautiful tool that Greg created. 

Every element of the design was chosen to create a welcoming, peaceful, safe space for everyone who walks in the door at Safety Net. 

This project has been more than changing the way that a single family lives, it’s been about helping our community that struggles with mental health crisis, change the way they live. We are so grateful to have been a part of this project to offer some solutions to mental health challenges and we know that the home will offer hope and next steps to people in need. We look forward to helping Lucid Living create many more locations to multiply their efforts at Safety Net.

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