About a year ago, we were asked to remodel an already lovely 1920’s craftsman home. Our clients refer to the home as “Stella.” It’s located in the Proctor District of Tacoma. Our client needed to make it larger and more functional for their family and their aging father. They had purchased this home years ago, but then rented it out and moved into a larger home. However, they missed the community of North Tacoma and the charm of “Stella” called them back. The move back would require a major renovation.

This was an extraordinary remodel for many reasons. It was essential to keep the home’s original charm and character while taking it down to the foundation. To accomplish this, we demolished the entire home by hand rather than bring in a bulldozer. We kept the original porch and gables standing to preserve something that would reflect Stella’s original design. We also partnered with Level Design from Tacoma. They understood the vision and drew up just the right plan.

What was 1,000 square feet before became 3,100 square feet. An upper floor was added along with a master suite, a second master designed specifically for an aging parent, and the unfinished basement was completely finished.

We meshed old craftsman and modern design around the fireplace. A new fireplace was built in between the original mantle and cabinet doors. These little nods to her original design gave our client exactly the home she was imagining.

While updating and making everything else in the home new, we custom designed maple floating shelves and an end cabinet shelf in the kitchen that all tied together with custom maple built-in bookcases in the attached family room.

Every detail was a collaborative effort with our client. We believe this is some of our best work and we feel honored that we got the opportunity to help bring “Stella” a new life with such a wonderful family to enjoy for many, many years to come. I can only imagine the beautiful memories that will be made there.