A growing family was a major motivation behind this remodel. The home has an incredible location with a close up view of Mount Rainier, it was just becoming too tight to fit their family and the kitchen was particularly cramped and closed off from the rest of the house. They needed the interior of their home to reflect the wide open spaces they enjoyed in their view.

We met with them about a year before they became ready to move forward with the remodel and suggested removing a huge triangular barrier between the main living space and the kitchen/dining room space. They were inspired and planned the right timing to proceed. One reason to wait was they wanted not only to redesign the current square footage, but hoped to build an addition that would connect to the remodel. So the phases of the process needed a plan that made sense.

Phase one has been completed now and the finish is gorgeous. We removed that wall and peninsula that was dividing the living spaces. We extended the kitchen layout wide to include what had been the formal dining area. We designed an extra large island for them that allowed for the entire family of 6 to sit around it to dine. We made the family room functional with plans for it to become a formal dining room once we complete the 2nd phase addition.

Our client’s design style included brushed brass plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware throughout the kitchen and bathroom. They wanted to keep and reuse two light fixtures that had brushed brass with crystals. Those were perfectly installed over the large island in the kitchen. We designed the kitchen cabinets with Bellmont Cabinet Company. The island is a beautiful wood finish shaker with white shaker cabinets for the rest. The countertop on the island is a gorgeous 3cm Pental Quartz called Sono Reale while the surround is a 2cm quartz pure white. 

They selected some special appliances that specifically met their needs for their large family, as well as a built-in espresso maker. Our cabinets were set for all of these and created a beautiful functional flow. We also utilized extra space behind the custom designed pantry and created a place to hang their mops and brooms. 

To finish the main living areas and the guest bathroom, we used durable, LVP throughout. The bathroom was fully remodeled with a tub shower combo with a bypass glass door, new vanity, mirror, plumbing fixtures, and lighting in order to create a bathroom for the kids.

This remodel definitely helped our clients change the way they live in their home!


Client Testimony
Tim Schaff

“Would recommend Gordon T Jacobs to anyone asking for a honest, straightforward, and on schedule contractor.

They recently did our remodel as we lived in our house, wasn’t easy, but they worked around us, made sure we stayed on budget and finished on time. Any issues or concerns we had were immediately taken care of.

Great job Gordon T Jacob’s team!!”