The Modern Minimalist

The Modern Minimalist

We got an incredible referral from a local realtor, Becky Barrick. Her clients bought a new home in Seattle during the time when their computer tech jobs had them working from home. Spending so much time at home, they decided it would be the perfect time to get their ensuite and guest bathrooms remodeled. We typically don’t work that far north, but we met with them and knew we wanted to help them “change the way they live” in their new home.

The original primary bathroom was quite outdated and not well designed for two. Our clients’ desires were for a beautiful modern bathroom that would include floating cabinets, under cabinet lighting, a gorgeous tile shower, a bidet toilet and heated floors, and a heated towel rack. As young professionals who had traveled a lot through the years, they picked up some design elements that uniquely reflect their lifestyle.

The difference in layout and design between the before and after is stunning. We are proud of it and grateful for the opportunity to create such a gorgeous, modern ensuite.


Client Testimony
Andrew Hard

“Chris and Mitzi did an amazing job on our bathroom renovation in terms of planning, design, and execution. We had a relatively small space to work with and a few non-standard requests (heated towel racks, bidet toilet attachments). They helped us envision a new, more open, bathroom layout, incorporate desired features like heated floors and floating vanities, and worked with us to pick out countertops, tiles, paints, fixtures, vanities, and shelves that complemented each other.

Three aspects of their work impressed me in particular: (1) the team, (2) the communication, and (3) the lack of surprises. In terms of team, they put together a really great set of experienced people to carry out the renovations (framers, tile installation). In terms of communication, we collaborated to come up with a detailed plan for the renovations even before signing contracts. We communicated on a daily basis during the renovations, so that expectations, schedules, and costs were agreed upon upfront. As a result of the great planning from the team, there were no surprises during the actual renovation process. Of course, there are always unexpected delays from suppliers and deliveries these days. But Chris managed to adjust the schedule as needed in order to efficiently schedule the work.

We couldn’t be happier with our new bathrooms, and really appreciate all of the hard work that the Gordon T Jacob team put into improving our home!”