Wide Open Spaces

The Bradshaw’s


When Brett and Christina invited us out to look at their home for a remodel, we walked up their 1970’s staircase and into their dining area that was divided by a peninsula, walls, and doors. They desired to create a more functional space to include the whole family and friends for meals and game nights. We discussed how everyone clamors in the kitchen and there wasn’t enough wide-open space to play games in the same area they set the food and drinks out.

We then investigated their home build and discovered none of those dividing walls were weight bearing. We were able to create a new design that extended their kitchen through the formal dining space and put in an island with extra seating on two sides rather than one so that the family could sit at it similar to a table for meals. They kept space where the informal dining area had been before to add a table and chairs as well, while removing any dividers between spaces. We put in continuous vinyl plank flooring that is durable for their pets and children that just made the whole place appear that much more spacious.

Brett and Christina chose to do some of our custom floating shelves in the kitchen with stain to match their beautiful design. They chose an island with grey cabinets and an accent, 3 cm countertop which gave their kitchen depth of design and color. We updated their banister and stairs in the entryway to let the first impression of their newly renovated home shine.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with them. Their project was such a joy to both design and make reality. Every detail, tile, lights, knobs and pulls, flooring, cabinets, countertop, shelves and sink all came together into a beautiful wide-open space.

“Chris and his team did a great job with the remodel of our kitchen. He was up front and accurate about the cost of everything so there were no surprise expenses at anytime during the process. His attentiveness to the schedule was amazing! He was on top of all of his subcontractors and made sure they completed their work on time. Everyone that GTJ brought into our home was kind and respectful of our space.

Their biggest asset is Rene. Rene was at our almost every day and cared for the job that was being done just as much as we did. The energy and thoroughness that he brought with him is surpassed by none. We will definitely use GTJ for future work on our home and highly recommend them to anyone.”

-Brett Bradshaw