• June 9, 2020

Garden With Me: A Season of Hope

Garden With Me: A Season of Hope

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I, for one, need to hold on to HOPE.

It helps me to breathe again each time something difficult surfaces.

I’ve been an optimist my whole life.

This 2020 has challenged that sometimes yet, I continue to fight to HOPE. It is the one thing that can help me through even the most difficult times. A  beautiful demonstration of HOPE is a garden.

Have you ever planted the tiniest seed and watched it become what you knew it could be?
In elementary school, most of us planted a bean once – set it in the window and watered it carefully and watched that bean sprout and become a plant. It is a tiny miracle. Had that dry bean never been put into the soil, water and light……it would remain a single dry bean.

But, HOPE.

Hope thinks: “Well. If I place this little seed where it belongs – if I take care to nurture it – then maybe it will grow!”

Hope thinks: “This one bean could become a whole bush of beans, and that bush could bring forth a nutritious meal someday.”

Hope takes all the seeds and plants them in the best ways, believing they will become all they are meant to be. The potential of the seed, the persistence of planting and cultivating and waiting – this expresses HOPE in all its joy.

Now, take that one bean idea and think bigger!

If we can plant one bean and make a bush, we can also take a pumpkin seed and grow pumpkins for the coming autumn!

One kernel of corn can grow an entire corn stalk which can produce multiple ears of corn.

One cucumber seed can grow several cucumbers to eat and share.

A row of tiny carrot seeds can grow a bushel of carrots.

One seedling potato start will likely not only provide some potatoes that first season of harvest, but will often come back year after year to grow more potatoes.

Many of these items will also “go to seed” if we allow them to and grow more after their own kind. The potential of one seed planted goes even beyond the one plant.

In life right now, we all need to hope for something. What is possible?

We have to grab hold of that hope and plant seeds that can bring it to life.

I choose to plant seeds of peace and joy, confidence, and love. I am planting seeds of harmony and kindness. I trust that when I do this, I will see them grow and produce a harvest that can make tomorrow beautiful.

What seeds will you choose to plant right now? Unexpected circumstances can present an opportunity to grow new things. Place those seeds into the dirt, nurture them, shed light on them, speak to them and watch them grow! It’s spring heading into summer right now. It’s the perfect time to see new things sprout up and come alive, both in the physical garden and in life.

Garden with me during this season. Act in hope. Plant incredible things from the smallest seeds. The possibilities are endless, and together we can create a brighter tomorrow.