• November 27, 2020

Home Education in 2020

Home Education in 2020

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2020 Looks a Little Different than We Expected…

This year has presented everyone with something new or different – not the least of which is the closure of in-class school for our WA public school students. The options for education have suddenly changed to “online only” or distance learning; and for many, this pandemic has even brought the concept of home education to the table.

This has affected us personally as well. Since I’d begun taking on more of a design / client engagement role with Gordon T. Jacob, I knew I could not monitor the ever-changing public school curriculum or distance learning. I decided to use my past experiences home educating our adult kids to run a home educating plan that worked with our busy schedule and taught life skills alongside reading, writing and arithmetic.

Whichever method you chose for your family, there are three primary obstacles that have had to be considered. If you find yourself still not quite settled into what this year has presented, may I offer some insights I have from our past home educating years….I’d like to call these obstacles, hurdles to leap to learn.


Location within the home

Dedicate a quiet room, office space, or even a closet where your student can log in and or have privacy to study. When you have more than one at home, setting up a school room is helpful, so that everyone can organize their educational tools and easily access them.

This may beg the question: Should we remodel? The answer to which would be: Call us to discuss your options. This falls directly under our passion to help you “change the way you live” by transforming your space.



School can fit within your families timeframe or you can shift your plans to make school take place when their distance learning teacher requires them to sign in. There are so many amazing tools available online and educational classes for little to no cost that you can join.



There is so much more to learning than what kids get in a classroom. Remember everything can be a learning time…. Meal planning, meal preparation, budgeting, money matters (how to calculate, spend, save and invest), event planning, serving the community, learning about tomorrow’s history as it is happening today, room organization and layout, yard work and landscaping, animal care, outdoor exploration.There are also free programs, classes, tutorials, and printables online. Look into some of them and try them out.

Exploration, playing an instrument, and reading a wide variety of materials increases vocabulary and language skills needed for writing.

While this season has forced us all to shift and adapt, my hope for us all is that we will recognize the gift of being together, learning and growing together and that we have grace with ourselves and our children. Hold each other close. Speak hope to one another. Let go of insignificant things. Recognize the most important aspects of education are learning how to have good character, to be kind and compassionate, to demonstrate generosity, to overcome adversity, and to love.

If 2020 brings that kind of education to our next generation, our communities will be much stronger for it. We can all “change the way we live” for generations to come.

With much kindness and hope,