• May 29, 2019

Scratch Your Niche Podcast | They Say That The Riches Are In The Niches

Scratch Your Niche Podcast | They Say That The Riches Are In The Niches

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Our good friend, Bryan Reynolds, owner of the local coffee shops Anthem Coffee is quite the community leader! When he asked us to come speak on his new podcast that just came out this month, called Scratch Your Niche, we couldn’t say no! The S.Y.N. Podcast focuses on interviewing and sharing information from local business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who found their niche, scratched it, and are now experiencing great success!

We had the privilege of being one of S.Y.N.’s first guests. We chatted with Bryan about what makes Gordon T. Jacob unique. We told our story of how we got started and how we came up with our company name.

We share the different roles we both play in our business and how I (it’s Mitzi speaking) have taken on a bigger role since our kids are older and I am not homeschooling anymore. Chris is more on the business side of things and loves connecting with our referral partners. Chris leads our team and plans out our renovation schedules to a T. I am good with details and connecting with our clients. I also help our clients choose the different design elements that will go in their home.


We also reveal in our interview some exciting news that is upcoming with our company! This next adventure has been stirring in our hearts for quite some time now and we were so happy to share our plans! Take a listen to find out what’s next for us here at Gordon T. Jacob! Don’t forget to subscribe to Scratch Your Niche and support our local leaders and to subscribe to our very own blog!