• July 30, 2019

Why Should We Crave Feedback

Why Should We Crave Feedback

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Feedback is a word that can cause instant anxiety.

Sometimes, that word can remind you of negative experiences that left you feeling terrible about yourself and your future. Of course, everyone has received feedback that is both good and safe; but it can also be hurtful and damaging, depending how and when it is given or received! 

But ultimately, I would encourage you to see all feedback as beneficial.

Here are a few reasons why consistent feedback is critical to your personal growth in every area of your life. 

1. Without honest, timely feedback, your performance is limited.

Some of the greatest demonstrations of peak performance, both individually and in the context of teams, happens in the NFL. Why? Game film. You see, our intentions don’t always align with what we do. A football player has certain responsibilities on every play; and by watching the game film, they only what they DID, not what they tried to do. This instant feedback allows them to make the adjustment from TRYING to execute a play, to fully realizing their goal.


2. We advance in our life because of what performance psychologists call a “Growth Mindset.” 

This term refers to the understanding that we must keep learning if our life is going to improve. Remember that old adage, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.”

3. We don’t know what we don’t know.

Your perspective on almost everything is based on past experiences and upbringing. For example, have you ever read about someone buying a new car
, and they suddenly see that same car everywhere? It’s not that there are more of those cars; it’s just that our awareness of them increased because they bought that car, and therefore value it more.

If we are going to see better, we need people in our lives that value us and can help us examine the areas where we want to succeed. It’s important for all of us to accept each other’s advice and input – and this principal goes far home renovation! 

Just something we’ve been thinking about this week. May you all grow from feedback you receive this weekend! 

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– Chris and Mitzi