• August 15, 2019

The Decision to Sell or Remodel

The Decision to Sell or Remodel

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It can be difficult for a homeowner to decide if they want to fix a house that has fallen into disrepair.

Sometimes, it feels like a better financial decision to simply sell, and invest in a newer home.

And sometimes that is the better choice, for a variety of reasons. Maybe your family has outgrown the house; or maybe you need to move across town for a new job. There are a lot of reasons that a person might consider listing their property; but Chris and I believe that you should never feel as though they have to leave behind a whole houseful of memories, just because their house is outdated or in need of some improvement.

Practically speaking, it makes as much sense to remodel a home as it does to sell. It can be less expensive to renovate in this market – especially if you want to add value to a property you might eventually sell. But in the meantime, you can revitalize your space in a way that only enhances the memories you’ve created in your home.

Chris spent a some time filming video about this topic the other day. Check it out on our Instagram – and keep an eye on our social media for more in this video series! We’re excited to share some thoughts and ideas with you, as you consider how best to change the way you live.